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Baby girl nursery tour

Baby girl nursery tour
December 14, 2016 byannikaadmin

When we started out prepping a nursery for our coming baby, both the hubby and I had our share of ideas of what we wanted. Something that we agreed very easily on, was that if we could reuse furniture or make our own, that would be a priority. We also had different projects/things we wanted to be in charge of. Like my hubby wanted to make the baby crib himself and I really wanted a cozy and practical changing space for the baby.

I have a lot of fun little things I have collected over the years and together with my artwork and different DIY projects, well we didn’t really have to buy that much to make this nursery both personal and special.

Take a look ot how it turned out. I think we did a pretty cool job and I so love the crib my hubby made. It’s beautiful.







I have listed the links to the DIY projects you’ll find in these pictures below.

Recycled changing table + DIY wall storage idea

DIY babynest project + a few tips

Small drawer make-over with repeat patterns

DIY branch photo mobile

Super cute knitted sweater and baggy pants

DIY dreamcatcher for little girls room

Simple shelving with leather hangings

Let me know if you have any questions.



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